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Will Jefferson is the Founder of Performance Catalyst Ltd. After having served 12 years as a professional sportsman, playing both County and International cricket, Will transitioned into the business world as a successful business and sport consultant. Will has a plethora of skills that are founded on his background in professional sport and experience in business as well as his life-long passion for the psychology of human performance. Equally competent working one-to-one and with larger groups, Will’s thoughtful and empathetic approach combines his powerful ability truly to connect with people and to share his deep personal insights into the art and science of excellence.

Will has a wealth of experiences that include running executive leadership workshops for the Sainsburys Grocery team, British Athletics, Taylor Made Golf and HSBC Global Tax and Treasury teams. He works in the UK as well as globally. In 2019 he worked with HSBC leaders and their teams in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai and Mumbai. Will has extensive experience with being in and working with high-performing teams in professional sports and the world of business. Sharing his experiences and knowledge he can empower you and your teams to maximize their potential and current level of performance so that you achieve more for your business.