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Will and Crista ran an excellent workshop to unite a previously disparate project team who were working in silos to unify them in a common challenging and highly technical objective. They mediated and used carefully chosen techniques articulating from their worlds of both business and sport to guide the discussions. There was a very relevant reflecting period on shared experiences,  whereby they raised vulnerability (not discussed much in the business world) to prize out individual strengths and weaknesses. They demonstrated the impact that these have on relationships as a means to improve team performance. We have found their involvement incredibly beneficial and would recommend them for other businesses.

I personally enjoyed the workshop enormously and found it useful but, and far more importantly, a number of colleagues have commented extremely positively both in person but in wider forums about how useful it was.

Your session today was excellent and extremely valuable for how we build a team.

Overall the feedback was very positive – whilst some clearly found that it took them outside their comfort zone they agreed that was a good thing and that what they took from the session made the discomfort worthwhile. The key themes that you mentioned when we spoke (and in your summary) are clearly still front of mind amongst the team and there has been more and better interaction between the Senior Team

Will supported me facilitating a sensitive team conversation around trust.  Will had run a team diagnostic and I had asked him to present the data to the team.  I’m a conflict mediator by trade & had envisioned Will would talk through his findings then I’d need to step in to facilitate due to possible tensions in the team sparking.  I had no need to lift a finger.  Will’s facilitation was outstanding.  Tensions certainly did spark – and Will handled the issues in the room with grace.  He gave space to people to think and express their views, he challenged people to speak honestly, he listened without judgement and helped people get clear on their views, and he then went on to help the team build bridges with one another.  Really skilled facilitation.  I’d recommend Will without hesitation

Many thanks for your help on this and the general feedback in discussions after the session was that it was very helpful/thought provoking and has provided both individuals and the group with the stimulus to ongoing development. I have not seen levels of honesty within this group like during the conversations we had in the workshop. A very positive outcome from my side.

My colleagues and I benefited from a variety of leadership development and management training sessions delivered by Will, whose ability to know when to ask searching questions and provide direction to a group is matched by an understanding of when best to stay silent and allow debates and discussions to naturally evolve. He has a calm, thoughtful and non-judgmental presence which invariably meant that working with him was thought-provoking, challenging and provided us with practical tools to take with us when we left the room and re-entered our workplace.    

Will’s sessions were insightful, fun and thought-provoking. It was fascinating to delve into my personal Insights profile, my management style and find ways to improve my own and my team’s performance. He created a safe space, had a great understanding of group dynamics and definitely brought out the best in me. During his sessions, I bonded more than I expected with several colleagues and now have stronger and more successful working relationships with them. I also managed to overcome my fear of public speaking and in fact, my confidence grew so much that with Will’s support, including guidance on visualisation techniques, I agreed to become one of the companie’s ‘Train the Trainers’. Delivering these sessions has been incredibly rewarding and something I hope to continue to do. I am now a better informed, more open-minded manager who has the confidence to empower not only my team, but progress my career in exactly the direction I’d like. 

Will’s coaching helped enormously with a few particularly challenging scenarios. He has an excellent perspective, listens intently and has great understanding to help you draw out the next steps of your very own action plan. His style is clear, empathetic, respectful yet challenging. I always walk away from our conversations feeling empowered, enlightened and look forward to the next time we talk.   

The Ivors Academy team had the delight of attending an Insights Discovery session with Will at Performance Catalyst. The team unitedly found it a great asset both in personal and professional development and as a bonding experience. The model was brought to life through the use of breakout rooms and short presentations outlining key points. Will was a fantastic trainer, keeping the conversation going at pace and even recommending further reading materials which team members have followed up on. Overall, Will was excellent in engaging team members, offering ample time for questions and answers throughout the morning. We would highly recommend this training

“Performance Catalyst worked with the Senior Leaders at Magna Vitae at every stage of the process from project inception to delivery and analysis. The profiling has not only been personally insightful but has also formed the basis of ‘new’ conversations, relationships and behaviours within our teams. At every stage PC have been there to support, explain and interpret. This has been an incredibly valuable piece of work that has been expertly managed at all stages. This has benefited the company in further understanding its workforce and the staff understanding each other.

Will has developed his relationship with us by taking opportunities and then weaving them together with the needs that he uncovers.  Everything that he has done for us flows and develops, it isn’t formulaic.  I’ll happily recommend working with Will.