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Lindi’s previous career as team physiotherapist and as an athlete representing South Africa in Netball provided her with a deep personal understanding of how teams function both from a management and a player perspective. She regularly accompanied sports teams to international tournaments as well as supported elite individual athletes, physically and mentally, whilst preparing for international competitions. This experience, as well as 12 years as a Sport and Health Coordinator and 6 years as a Deputy Housemistress in an educational setting, has given her valuable insights about the inner workings of high-performing teams and leadership.

Lindi believes that we are stronger together and that the force of a truly high-performing team is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts. She helps individuals to understand, appreciate and enhance their unique strengths as a Insights Discovery Licenced Practitioner.

Now a director at Performance Catalyst, she combines these learnings and experiences to help other teams to connect, communicate, gain clarity and align to truly maximise performance.