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Anna is a writer and a Professor of Cultural History at the University of Kent. She has published fiction, journalism, and academic works. All her life, Anna has also been deeply interested in psychology and how we can become better versions of ourselves. It is for that reason that she trained as an mBIT coach. Both as a coach and a writer, Anna is passionate about helping others better to understand themselves and to take positive action. She helps her clients to gain clarity about their unique gifts, challenges, and their purpose. Often, we know at a cognitive level what we should be doing to improve our lives. We may know very well which of our habits are harmful. But more often than not, our self-knowledge does not translate into action. Anna believes that in order for us to change how we think, perceive, and act in a deep and sustainable way, we need to transform such knowledge into lived experience, a kind of wisdom that does not just live in our heads.

In her latest book: The Art of Self-Improvement: Ten Timeless Truths, Anna shares ten timeless truths about the art of self-improvement that stay the same across time and space.